Monday, November 17, 2014

Of baby no2 and everything in between...

Hi there...
I'm back. I think I dont have to explain why this blog privatized before, biasalah, mood swing. Busy in the office pun ye jugak. Takde masa sangat nak blogging bagai. Ni kat rumah hannah tgh tido, bole la godek2 jap.

I'm in week 23 now... We had detailed fetal anomaly scan last week, it was unplanned actually... Sebab rasa macam mahal je, and tawakkal jela this time. Tapi, somehow, terrrbuat jugak. Tapi aku puas hati la dah buat detail scan, although it cost us RM350 just for the detailed scan. Phew. At least now we know the baby is just fine... Yelah for someone yg ada history masa last year mmg aku paranoid la jugak. During the scan boleh detect many of the structural abnormalities (birth defects of the body structure), ada swelling of the head with excessive fluid,absence of the brain,ada defect in the spine ke tak, ada cleft palate ke x, lips and heart defects such as "hole in the heart ke tidak, etc...

Adik hannah. kurus sikit cz ms scan br wk22.
So, apparently we're going to have a baby girl(my body fooled me lah. Until now still xnak sgt mkn ikan. asik ayam je hehe). To be honest, I would have liked having a little boy.  I mean, sure, having one of each is always kind of the dream, right? I think a lot of people go through gender dissapointment, even if it's only for a split second, when they hear what the baby is for the first time. So, sama lah dgn aku pun. Padahal agenda aku nak "tutup kedai" awal sebenarnya. LOL.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be having another little girl. I was actually relieved to find out I was having another of the same gender (girl). Think from the brightside, at least Hannah has someone to share a room with.
My husband on the other hand was very happy to hear that she is a girl. Well, lelaki biasalah. Rileks je. Hehe. Apa-apa pun, a healthy baby is what is best of course. I think when you hold them in your arms for the first time & kiss them on the messy head your thoughts on the gender melt away. All you know is that baby is yours & that's all that matters. You will love your child no matter what the gender, it just happens. Right?

I'm on emergency leave today. Sebabnya Hannah macam dedar2 je pagi tadi. Tapi elok je pulak main. My husband pun EL sekali sebab dia memang tak sihat since Saturday. Syok la jugak takyah g
 keje sebabnya aku memang bangun lambat pagi tadi sebab ingat macam hari ni hari Ahad. Takde mood nak g keje hahahaha. Actually husband and I quite worried ni, another 2 weeks left b4 nak move to PA. So far, part extend dapur dah siap, plaster ceilings all dah siap(lampu kipas tak beli2 lagi huhuh), table top pun dah siap. Cuma grill, gate, flooring,semua tak pasang lagi. Harap2 by this week settle lah, sebab weekend nak panggil orang kc dtg ukur. Huhu. Nervousnya... Serabut nak pikir wei...

concrete table top. old school yes i am budget pun ye jugak ;p

KR demam2 pun nak jugak drive all the way to PA melawat tapak. uhuhu..

K, gotta go now. Lapar sudah. Terbayang2 kek kek dan kek jeee. Dan benda manis2. Nak g cr makanan. Bye.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

For the time being

I'm not in a good mood. Ada lah few things yang buat aku bengang. Memang emosi-al sangat lah. memang dalam bitter mode je. heh. Nasib baik gadis2 di whatsapp tu paham mood aku ni. As I said earlier takde kaitan dengan suami anak2 adik beradik ke apa.
Siapa yang tau tu tau lah. Aku masih boleh sabar je tunggu dan tengok >_<
I dont sugar coat my life as if I live my life in cotton candy wonderland based on my blog posts. Biasa lah life. Ada ups and downs. But I believe in keeping some things personal and some things are just not meant to be said(certain issues, or if tak tahan geram sangat baru aku blurt out). *cough ehem cough*
Anyway, I received not so good news yesterday. About work. Apparently the company is not doing well, and Asean decided to reduce staffs and Malaysia team trying hard nak selamatkan staff2 ni. Although I am not in the list, tapi terasa jugak tempiasnya. So they realign balik the team, some of my tasks hand over pada orang lain, ada add minus few tasks la pendek kata.
Tu takpe lagi. Tapiiiii, bila dia kata lepas ni no more "work from home" dan kalau bole datang ontime aku jadi sentapppp.

You see, I've been working for 5 years in the same company and I love the environment here. Very flexible. Plus masa tu bos aku yang best tu ada. Tapi dia kan dah left October hari tu.
So masa tu pn aku dah tawar hati. Memang rasa sedih.
Tambah pulak dengan tetiba nak tarik balik "work from home" tu lagi la rasa malas ah nak keje. Nak bangun pagi tadi pn aku saja lambat2. Memang aku tak rasa nak datang on time pun. Lantak la situ. Nasib baik pagi ni ofismate aku cakap dia dah tanya ops mgr, pasal dtg on time tu. Rupanya dia cakap "takla. actually still flexible. tapi i tak bole la ckp dlm meeting. paham2 sndri la,u can continue mcm biasa"
Fuh. legaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. hahahaha. Serius.. aku takleh doh. rasa serabut nak bangun awal, nak drive tempuh jem, semata nak tercongok on time. Org lain ok jelah kot. Aku dah biasa dari mula kerja boleh suka hati. lainla if dr mula mmg aku kene punch ontime ke apa.
Benda yang biasa jadi routine, nak ubah tu macam liat. I know la change is constant in life, tapi ah dulik ah. Yang penting bab dtg on time tu xbetul2 strict. Haha.
Bukan keje tak siap pun. As long as kerja siap, pandai2 la adjust your timeline ke apa. Bab work from home tu pasrah. Still boleh tapi kene inform boss and bagi solid reason.
Tu yang malam tadi, rasa tengah devastated mengadu domba dkt husband dengan harapan dipercepatkan resignation process. Hahahah. We discussed a bit and he said at least tunggu lepas deliver. Lepas tu nak tender ke apa suka hati :P
We'll see. Semoga diberi kekuatan ketika itu untuk teruskan niat ni. Haha. Takut masa tu tetiba rasa "eh taknak la nk keje la". Tu mmg rasa nak hempuk kepala sendiri pun ada lol.
For the time being bokojo lah kito. It cannot be that bad pun kan... Adapt jelah dengan new management ni. Tak lama lagi dah sblm beranak bulan March. Skrg, kite enjoy dluuu.



Monday, November 3, 2014

Friday Saturday Sunday

So..yeah.. yesterday was my birthday.. 29 years old. Next year masuk 3 series. uh uh uh!
On the Saturday before my actual birthday, husband got bad headache, he slept for few hours, so lepak rumah jelah. Later on in the evening he drove us to Pavilion. Erm.. actually I know his intentions, obvious kot but of course haruslah control excited dpn dia. Haha. I've told him before I wanted a perfume and a new handbag for my birthday. But I already bought the perfume so bag jelah option dia ;p
To cut the long story short, after strolled from one boutique to another, i finally decided to grab a medium satchel by MK. Thank you husband. Hehe. Heart you loads!
I don't know about others, but in my case it doesn't close to showing off or the likes, its just as simple as a reward from a husband to his wife. So, if you feel that I'm showing off, nothing better than I have
compared to with what you have, if you think I am jealous of you, nothing better that  you have compared to with I have. That makes us secara zahirnya equal, just that in different forms. Sekian terima kasih.

On Sunday, we(KR,me, my mom, 2 adiks, and Hannah) went to Puncak Alam to see the renovation progress. So far okay. I work from home last Friday just because... aku malas masuk office. Plus, ada appointment dengan contractor at Jalan Ipoh untuk pilih tiles. Hopefully end of Nov dah siap 90% so boleh move in early December. Never easy to move into a new place. So much chores you need to do before you can have a good nights sleeps. Erghhhhhhhh. Tak packing apa pun lagi >_<

Anyways, dari Puncak Alam, off we went to fiqgastronomy for late lunch. Dah laaamaa nak try baru semalam la berkesempatan. I's say I like this place compared to Jibby&co. Hahahaha. Price lebih kurang je. Later in the evening, berendam dalam pool dengan Hannah. Panassssss

Mine is in different color hihih. So grateful I got the chance to celebrate my bday with my mama,org yg lahirkan kite ke dunia ni. Huhu. Well, since Hannah turns 27months old yday, dia pun dapat new toy. Hehe..
Simple and sweet is this year's bday theme :)

K bye.


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