Tuesday, December 9, 2014

an update for the sake of updating

Yes.the title says it all. Wpun I already update lil bit on my FB/twitter/IG, but still... nak jugak tempek dlm blog ni. Heheh. Straight to the point jelah.

Sat - Sun:
Went to AFamosa Malacca for a mini family gathering(family adik beradik KR). Tapi xcomplete cz ada 2 families tak dapat join. A short get-away is what I need, stress kerja last week so I was pretty excited about the trip. Minus part "slow" my husband yang pagi nak bertolak baru bagitau what time nak gerak yadayadayada... Heh. Knowing him, aku pun take my own sweet time packing rilek2 bgn kul 8. Sekali dia cakap mandila cpt, 830 nak gerak. Rasa apa? Duhh sgt. Padan muka tertinggal seluar tdoq dia. Kehkeh.
My SIL booked the villa. Dont know about the rent. Ada 2 master bedrooms with 2 queen-size beds each. 2 rooms with 2 single size beds each.Villa has 2 bath rooms w hot shower and bath tubs. Ada 1 kettle, 1 fridge, plate,cup etc. SIL booked food for dinner and bfast from catering so takyah susah2 nk keluar cari makan.

private small swimming pool in front of our villa. Nothing to shout about the pool tapi boleh la kan. On the accommodation perspective, it's a bit rundown. They need to upgrade their service and quality assurance.

Hannah really had a jolly good time in the pool. mls nk cerita drama dengan budak hantu air ni.
All of us were so flat tired, tatau apa yang letih sangat tapi malam tu memang terbongkang. Ada la yang main karom, tgk dvd, chatting etc. Semua pun malas nak keluar kemana2. memang relax la kirenye. Aku dengan KR tidooo haha. Flu pun ye jugak. The next day checked out, singgah makan durian dekat area luar afamosa resort tu before balik KL. Serious tatau ape yang letih sangat tapi sampai je rumah aku terus terbongkang anak beranak dari 230-5pm. Heavennya tidoooooo dengan hujan bagai hehe.

Biasela kalau dah letih mesti extend cuti 1day. Hehe. So hubs and I took this opportunity g BBW. Tinggalkan Hannah with MIL. So heaven je rasa nak pilih2 buku2 dlm tu. Excited nak bawak buku balik tunjuk kt Hannah sekali husband gua ajak jln2 lepak2 dating2 kat MV la pulok.. Haha. Mls nk tgk wyg xde citer best wpun org ramai ckp psl Mockingjay tp sbb KR dgn aku mmg tak penah tgk Hunger Games dari mula, KR je tgk dload sorg2 rasanye.  Ni reaksi aku "krik krik krik" bila ajak tgk citer tu. Hahaha. Aku peminat chic flicks,romantic comedy movies ngeheheh. Tak buat apa pun, strolled from one shop to another, makan2, jalan2. balik.
bbw stash for this year.. xbyk pun. semua berbaloi. mine 4novels je. serik nk beli cerita yg berat. stress. ada 1 novel last yr xabis2 lg baca sbb rs stress citer dia haha. KR punya kali ni sbijik je. Sebab last yr pn dia xabis bc, bz sokmo. bazir je kan. haha. buku mental workout(IQ tests, sudoku,crosswords etc) tu paksaan KR. Supaya otak aku tak lembab, otak anak dlm perut pn tak lembab. Kidding. Stimulates my brain and baby punya brain la.. Dari zaman Hannah aku duk buat sudoku ni, nak muntah n boring sbnrnye tau buat sudoku ni hahah bajet hebat *blow nails*
Cant wait for this upcoming weekend wpn takde plan pn. Haha. i just love the fact that this Thursday Sgor cuti, so takde makna nk keje on Friday, cuti jelah. Yahoo. Long weekend, I like.



Monday, December 1, 2014

(fill in the blank)

Money has different names. When you owe someone, its debt.

Not a good day for me. I am quite mad and frustrated at the moment. Mixed emotions.

I honestly think I have been patient for long enough. I'm fine that you borrowed money from me, but I am getting very impatient at the moment. I need that money.

Please, do not assuming that I don’t really need the money you owe or "I earn well enough to do away with the money"

Whatever it is, I think it is utterly irresponsible of friends to be reminded of what they owe you.
(initially, told her she could take as long as she needed, or at least she can pay as low as RM50 every month. Nak tunggu lumpsum berjanggut gak, so at least bayar lah sikit2, nampak la effort tu. Yang lain tu biarjelah aku simpan sendiri ceritanye)
I've tried to be understanding tapi makin lama rasa fed up. Fed up tu sampai aku macam malas nak tanya or accept any explanations/excuses anymore after this. Tak kisah lah nak deposit kat ATM ke, nak online banking ke apa cara sekali pun. I just want my money back. Titik.

To me, if I loan from a friend and don't pay them back or at least try to, I let them know if there are problems.
I think its (for me anyway) not so much about the money, its that the friend in question does not value my friendship or respect me enough to pay it back without being asked, or if she can at least make contact and try and sort something...

As for now, I haven't even bothered trying to get the person to pay me back – having said that it was a few hundred. But the few hundred I am owed, it would be nice to have it back, but it would be nicer to have her respect me enough to pay it back without being asked…and yes she knows it…
If nak bayar just bank in to my account. You have the acc number.

Forgetting about the money owed can be hard  >_<

I have learned a valuable lesson.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Of baby no2 and everything in between...

Hi there...
I'm back. I think I dont have to explain why this blog privatized before, biasalah, mood swing. Busy in the office pun ye jugak. Takde masa sangat nak blogging bagai. Ni kat rumah hannah tgh tido, bole la godek2 jap.

I'm in week 23 now... We had detailed fetal anomaly scan last week, it was unplanned actually... Sebab rasa macam mahal je, and tawakkal jela this time. Tapi, somehow, terrrbuat jugak. Tapi aku puas hati la dah buat detail scan, although it cost us RM350 just for the detailed scan. Phew. At least now we know the baby is just fine... Yelah for someone yg ada history masa last year mmg aku paranoid la jugak. During the scan boleh detect many of the structural abnormalities (birth defects of the body structure), ada swelling of the head with excessive fluid,absence of the brain,ada defect in the spine ke tak, ada cleft palate ke x, lips and heart defects such as "hole in the heart ke tidak, etc...

Adik hannah. kurus sikit cz ms scan br wk22.
So, apparently we're going to have a baby girl(my body fooled me lah. Until now still xnak sgt mkn ikan. asik ayam je hehe). To be honest, I would have liked having a little boy.  I mean, sure, having one of each is always kind of the dream, right? I think a lot of people go through gender dissapointment, even if it's only for a split second, when they hear what the baby is for the first time. So, sama lah dgn aku pun. Padahal agenda aku nak "tutup kedai" awal sebenarnya. LOL.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be having another little girl. I was actually relieved to find out I was having another of the same gender (girl). Think from the brightside, at least Hannah has someone to share a room with.
My husband on the other hand was very happy to hear that she is a girl. Well, lelaki biasalah. Rileks je. Hehe. Apa-apa pun, a healthy baby is what is best of course. I think when you hold them in your arms for the first time & kiss them on the messy head your thoughts on the gender melt away. All you know is that baby is yours & that's all that matters. You will love your child no matter what the gender, it just happens. Right?

I'm on emergency leave today. Sebabnya Hannah macam dedar2 je pagi tadi. Tapi elok je pulak main. My husband pun EL sekali sebab dia memang tak sihat since Saturday. Syok la jugak takyah g
 keje sebabnya aku memang bangun lambat pagi tadi sebab ingat macam hari ni hari Ahad. Takde mood nak g keje hahahaha. Actually husband and I quite worried ni, another 2 weeks left b4 nak move to PA. So far, part extend dapur dah siap, plaster ceilings all dah siap(lampu kipas tak beli2 lagi huhuh), table top pun dah siap. Cuma grill, gate, flooring,semua tak pasang lagi. Harap2 by this week settle lah, sebab weekend nak panggil orang kc dtg ukur. Huhu. Nervousnya... Serabut nak pikir wei...

concrete table top. old school yes i am budget pun ye jugak ;p

KR demam2 pun nak jugak drive all the way to PA melawat tapak. uhuhu..

K, gotta go now. Lapar sudah. Terbayang2 kek kek dan kek jeee. Dan benda manis2. Nak g cr makanan. Bye.


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